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How To Maintain Your Hair


Our Premium Virgin Hair is 100% human hair which means you must take care of it as you would your own.


Check out our hair care tips & FAQ's below


To maintain your hair, wash your hair with sulfate free products. (Products that contain sulfate are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair. Remember to use very minimal styling products and AVOID alcohol based products. Minimal heat will give longer life to your hair extensions. When hair is wet ensure that you comb throughly to detangle starting from the ends to the scalp.




Q: How many bundles will I need for an install?


A: Lengths 12-16" 2 bundles, 18-22 3 bundles 22-28" 3-4 bundles


Q: Can I color my hair? 


A: Our hair is %100 unprocessed raw virgin hair and can be colored and dyed.


Q: How long will this hair last? 


A: The longevity of your product depends upon how well you take care of your extensions. With good and proper care, our premium virgin hair can be reused and reinstalled and last for over a year.


Q: Can I apply heat to my hair?


A: Yes you can blow dry, flat iron & curl our hair


Q: Should I use oil?


A: Yes you can apply oil to your extensions but to keep the body it is not recommended. We only recommend very small amounts of Argan oil or Moroccan oil.

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